I’m New in These Parts!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first blog post…success!  It was my goal today to finally get this post going after taking way too long getting everything set up.

I was on call this weekend and I had a few sickies to tend too! I had to send one of my patients into intensive care at our hospital.  He was looking pretty sorry for himself all weekend and he gave me lots of trouble by ripping his catheter out twice….gee thanks!

Here is the cheeky little devil having some plasma.

After tending to the ponies I went for a long 10k run on Sunday morning.  I am training for a 10K race in wine country in a couple weeks and then for the City2Surf in August.  I ran 55:31 so I was happy and very sweaty! Yay winter sun.  Yes its winter here in Australia.  Its ok I think winter in July is just plain odd too…..damn southern hemisphere!  It is beautiful though and we took the dogs for a lovely walk in the afternoon.  Salty had his gal pal Cola over for the weekend.  It felt like a productive weekend…now we are all inside by the fire watching Dexter! Happy Sunday!

Salty and Cola

Sunny Field

Winter is great for photos!


About healthyasahorsevet

I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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