Gunther…my personal trainer

Gunther the Garmin

This is Gunther the Garmin.  He is kind of like a trainer.  Actually he is a Garmin forerunner 410. But he is just as expensive as a trainer and  I gave him a mean sounding drill-seargent like name too!  Yes, I name all inanimate objects I own (what you don’t?)….the photo what taken on Izzy the iPhone 🙂

Gunther is new to me, I just bought him on a recent trip to Boston.  It was far from love at first sight.  The bloody thing was damn hard to set up and totally user unfriendly ( I am useless at all technology and I love apple products that basically make you look good even if you are a technical moron like me).  Anyway after a lot of swearing I got it going and so far its been great.  I have the heart rate monitoring thing too but I haven’t worked that out yet!

Gunther took me for a 6km run this morning.  It was my easy run so I went slow and ran 34:26 min.  It was very foggy here and dark as I headed out at 5:45am.  Salty came too and he made my heart stop several times by jumping out of the fog right in front of me! Naughty boy!  Anyway I survived and did lots of stretching as my bum is super sore from yesterday’s surgery…all that leaning over and lets be honest probably some butt clenching from nervousness haha.  I am off to have a hot bowl of oatmeal with flax seeds, raisins and maple syrup yum! Its going to be a good day.

Handsome Salty


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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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