Friday the 13th

Well nothing super spookie has happened to me yet this Friday the 13th but there is still time!  I did however have a very busy day at work.  It was absolutely pouring rain here today and there were mad torrents of water everywhere…good thing I have my trusy wellies!

This is me on my way across a mini Niagara Falls to catch a lame mare.



Katie in “the falls”

The group of mares proceeded to take off at full gallop around the paddock skidding around in the mud.  A lameness exam in a bog, what a fantastic idea, it took me back to my vet school days in Scotland.  Check out the misty hills!

Misty Mares

I also had a very naughty weanling that needed a bandage change.  I got this much of the bandage off and then she flipped and would not stand still (arg seriously its like 1 cm left to cut through!!!).  She had to have a bit of magic sleeping potion and then I got the rest off! 

Unimpressed Face!

Finished product…nice and clean

I had to drive into the clinic to do lots of paperwork and boring vetty things in the afternoon.  I picked up my mail and was happy to find my running compression socks had arrived  (more on them later)…woo hoo!  Also these adorable jack russell puppies were spending the day at the clinic and I got to have a cuddle.  So tiny!  The pics are a bit blurry as I didn’t want to disturb mum too much but I couldn’t resist putting them up. Happy Friday Everyone!

Its practically bite size!

If you look closely that is an itsy bitsy bum poking up!


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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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  1. Great looking blog Dani!!!! Good job!!!

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