My Vegan Weekend

Al’s parents came to stay with us this weekend.  They have recently started following a vegan diet so it was a perfect opportunity for me to try a few vegan recipes and use my cooking skills in uncharted territory.

Salty was pretty nervous! He did calm down considerably after I told him HE didn’t have to go vegan…just the people.







I went shopping and got all the ingredients….which included a lot of beautiful fresh fruit and veggies.  I was treated to this lovely sunset on the way out of the grocery store!

Then on friday I started to feel sick with a cold and was worried that the whole thing would have to be cancelled.  I knocked myself out with some cold and flu drugs friday night, had a great sleep, and woke up ready to cook!

Our first meal was a quinoa and chickpea salad for lunch which is based on  the “Red Quinoa and Black Bean Vegetable Salad” from  If you don’t know about this blog I highly recommend checking it out, it is outstanding.  Almost all my weekend recipes are from this site.  Anyway, I forgot to take of pic of my salad and it was devoured within mere minutes!  Oops.

We had green tea and   “Half-Baked Cookie Dough Balls”for dessert. The recipe is from (another great blog especially for sweet treats and quick snacks).   I have successfully made these cookies before which include chickpeas in the batter.  Dont’ be discouraged if you don’t like chickpeas you can’t taste them at all!

Oh Yeah!

This is a chia egg.  Its basically chia (you can also use ground flax) and some warm water allowed to ‘gel’ for 10-15 min.

chia and warm water

The gel 10 mins later

Chia Egg going into the batter

The best part of vegan cooking is that you get to scoff the batter raw taste test along the way!

don’t mind if I do!

After lunch we all bundled up and went for a nice hike with Salty.

Apres Hike

Dinner was the “Ultimate Vegan Lentil Walnut Loaf” from  I served it with mashed sweet potatoes with a bit of almond milk to make them really creamy.  Also some wilted spinach with ‘Herbamare’ (sea salt and crushed herbs) and lemon juice.  It was yum!

We had the most amazing fudgy chocolate torte for dessert. “Chilled Double Chocolate Torte” from  It has a great ground pecan and cocoa crust that makes it gluten free as well!  The secret is avocado which adds a silky texture to the topping.

blended torte topping

Add a bit of melted dark chocolate….ohhh someone get me a spoon pronto!

yes it was as good as it looks!

I made a big batch of vegan overnight oats for breakfast on Sunday.  “Vegan Overnight Oats (VOO)” from   Look at all that VOO!

Vegan Overnight Oats

I left a bunch of my favourite toppings out on the table so we all created our own.  Toppings: almond butter, coconut, flax seeds, honey, berries, peanut butter, cherry jam(St. Dalfour brand has no added sugar), soaked almonds.   I also blended a frozen banana to make “Banana Soft Serve” from

banana soft serve, coconut, berries and soaked almonds

If you have never tried soaking almonds before it is a great experiment.  They become really easy to chew but retain their crunch.  It makes them more appealing as a mix in breakfast topping and as a bonus they are easier to digest.  It works well with lots of nut varieties.

After breakie the men went off for a hike in the hills with Salty.  Us girls stayed on the sunny back deck sipping green tea.

The Hikers!

Lunch was “Layered Raw Taco Salad”  and “Flat and Crispy Cornbread” from  I made this recipe a couple weeks ago for Mexican Madness Monday and Al raved about it so I knew it would be a winner.  The taco “meat” is soaked walnuts with yummy taco spices.  I added smoked paprika to this to add a bit of depth.  This “meat” is so versatile I can’t wait to try it in some of my other dishes.

Taco ‘meat’

The white ‘sour cream’ on top is soaked macadamia nuts blended with lime and salt until very smooth.  If you put the mixture into a home-made ziplock piping bag you can go nuts (oh I am hilarious!) decorating your salad.

Macadamia “sour cream”

ready for salad construction

lunch is served!

And for a bit of dessert…“Chocolate Peanut Butter Chews” from  These are so quick, easy and delish!!!  If you don’t have brown rice syrup you can use a bit of honey but not an equal quantity or they will be too sweet.

Remember that cold I mentioned on Friday?  Well I happily thought I had beat it but in fact I think I just delayed it for 24 hours.  It has hit full force today!  I made it through breakie and lunch, said goodbye to Al’s parents and now I have collapsed in a heap on the couch.  I am writing this with a kleenex stuffed into each nostril (sexy!) because my nose refuses to stop running.  Ugh!!!! Hot bath and early to bed for me.  I hope everyone had a super weekend (vegan or not).  Now what’s for dinner?  Double Bacon Cheeseburgers! haha just kidding!


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