Feeling Better

Ok so I’m not healthy all the time…as the title of this blog implies.   I am just finally recovering from the evil cold virus I had.  Why is it that work is busiest when you are ill?  Monday was the worst of the cold, I had a fever all day complete with muscle aches, runny nose, severe headache and chills.  I had no one to cover me at work so I had to go in.  I lasted until 3pm and then went home to sleep….a lot!!!  Salty was a super-cuddler and I let him in bed to keep me warm (don’t tell Al!).

Snuggle Bug

I placed an eye tube  in a weanling the other day and I thought I would freak you all out with the size of the needle I got to jam through its eyelid!  It was pretty excellent.

Big Huh!?!

Don’t worry he didn’t feel it.  I used a numbing agent that takes away sensation from the eyelids.  The tube allows medication to be delivered to the eye without someone having to pry open the eyelids and fight with the little devil each time….much easier!

Eyes seem to be a bit of a theme.  I also examined another eye that we thought may have a puncture or an ulcer.  We use a bright green stain called fluorescein that gets sprayed into the eye.  If there are any defects the stain gets taken into them and they show up bright green. Easy to see!  This horse has the remnants of the dye around the eye….very Lady Gaga!

I don’t have too many exciting pics from this week because it has been a lot of paperwork and boring stuff. Gross!  I will leave you with one last photo of a sick weaning I am treating.  Happily munching on some grass in the sunshine!  Happy Friday.


About healthyasahorsevet

I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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