Nervous for Race Day

I took a week off running due to the severity of my hideous cold. Unfortunately I have a 10k race this Sunday and so a week off at this stage is less than ideal.  On Wednesday night I felt well enough to take Salty for a long walk.  It was my only exercise in a week and I felt great! I even did a few hill sprints in my hiking boots since my lack of running was making me feel a bit nervous for the weekend.  I saw a couple of these cuties at work!

On Thursday I ran 7km and felt surprisingly good.  It was one of those rare (very very rare in my case) occasions where I felt like I could keep running all day.  I ran 40:36 which puts me at a decent time for my 10k if I can keep up that pace.  The run also worked wonders for my lungs forcing them to expel any more mucus hiding in there  (sorry that was a bit gross).  The run was followed by a 5 minute coughing session and I have hardly coughed since!  I felt amazing for the rest of the day.  I got a present in the mail from my Mum with some gorgeous new tea flavours in it from Canada. President’s Choice Chocolatey Chai and Stash Chocolate Mint.  Ohhhh YUM!

 If you can get your hands on some…try them!  Or send some to me!

I even got to eat a piece of birthday cake for one the girls at work.  It was seriously delicious. How could you say no to that? 

This morning my run was a bit more difficult. Usually I would rest 2 days before a race but I am using this 10k as a training session for another up-coming race so I did a little run.  I ran a very short slow 3km pre-race style.  My right calf was sore and I felt really tired and dizzy….not ideal.  Oh well I made it through and did lots of stretching.  Fingers crossed for Sunday.  Stay tuned for my race re-cap to see if I survive.

Salty has been missing my morning runs so I let him have one of his mates over to play for an afternoon.  Gypsy is a 9 month old Great Dane.  They were so cute together! Ah to be a dog!


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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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2 Responses to Nervous for Race Day

  1. Happy to hear your over the cold Dani….good luck with your run Sunday……cb

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