Winery 10K

I made it! It wasn’t exactly pretty but I got across the line.  It was an early start since we had to drive about an hour and a half to get there and also be there early to pick up my race pack.   Usually I am too nervous to eat anything before a race but with a late start of 9:30am I knew I needed some fuel and would be hungry by then.  I blended myself a  green monster and we hit the road! (  I look sooo tired.

We drove around our first turn and there was a long train approaching…so much for leaving on time!  Oh well, it gave me an opportunity to snap a quick pic of Al sipping his coffee.

Salty came too and he made himself quite comfortable on the way down resting on my legs in the most awkward positions. Check out that smushed lip!

We got there in plenty of time so we took Salty for a little stroll, I picked up my race pack and then we ended up huddled in the back of the car avoiding the rain and wind.  It was pretty cool, about 14C and the wind was icy! Luckily I was wearing about 10 layers over my race gear and I kept everything on until the last minute.

Here is my coach making sure my number went on straight.  He approved.

We made our way over to the start line and ended up bumping into our friends Bern and Steve who recently got engaged!  It was so nice and unexpected to see them.  We all lined up together and I reluctantly gave my nice warm layers to Al.

Freezing! Pre-race

We were right at the back of the pack since Bern and Steve had some friends finishing the half marathon and they wanted to cheer them on at the finish which was next to our starting line.  It took about 3 minutes to get to the start  and I clicked Gunther into gear…here we go!  We weaved back around to the crowd and I heard Al cheering!

  • Kilometer 1-2  Tough to get settled in as it was small trails and passing people always makes me feel like I am running further and slower than usual
  • Kilometer 3 Finally at my race pace and feeling good
  • Kilometer 4 Felt great until about midway up the gigantic hill.  Actually I don’t really mind hills too much but this was a doozy and I really think I overestimated my lung capacity post-cold.  I was wheezing about halfway up and I had to walk the rest of the way….damn it!
  • Kilometer 5-7  After ‘evil hill’ as it will now be referred, there was a small gradual climb to the drink station…whew!  After that, a steep downhill section and  I just let myself fly down.  I felt so good.  Nice cool breeze too!  I passed a girl wearing lots of running skirts ( gear and gave her a quick nudge on the elbow and yelled “go running skirts!” and  a thumbs up 🙂
  • Kilometer 7-8 Death on legs!  Slower and slower wanting to die.  No energy at all.  Ugh!  In my mind I kept telling myself that it was a beautiful day look around and enjoy the scenery.  This of course was battling with the thoughts of , I hate running, who the hell wants to do this to themselves anyway, why are you such a sadist.  Oh look what a nice day!  It went on like this for a while.  Then Steve went flying past me looking in top form and waved hello…go Steve!
  • Kilometer 9  I passed the marker and Gunter chimed in at the same time.  Ok you are almost there….go!  I felt like I could make it but then there was a bit of a hill and I got slower and slower and ended up walking about 20 steps.  I heard the crowds in the distance and off I went!
  • Kilometer 10  Gunther sang his merry little jingle….you are done.  But nooo it was longer than 10k I was only just coming around the corral to the finish.  Just as I was cursing (in my mind of course!)  the girl in the running skirt appeared next to me!  She said “I guess us skirts finish at the same time!” Right….sprint!  I hoofed it home and I heard Al yell out to me.  I gave him a big wave and crossed the line at the exact same time as the other “skirt”.  We congratulated each other and I was off to find some water.  I love meeting nice people at races.  Thanks for getting me across the line mystery skirt! My unofficial time: Exactly 1 hour.

    Here I come! The mystery skirt is hiding in this pic behind those girls.

The bright orange on the medal matched my hair elastics! Coincidence?  I think not 🙂

Happy Runners!

Post run snack.  A cliff bar.  These are packed with protein and they don’t have any dodgy fake chemicals in them.  Yum!

I brought lunch for the ride home and it was delish!  Its the salad I made in the ‘My Vegan Weekend’ post but I added some lentils for extra protein.  I should also add that I have scoffed some cheezies filled with lots of salt, chemicals and no nutrients! Did I mention they are bright orange?  I see a theme of the day. Ok ok not healthy….oops.   

Despite the fact that this run was in wine country we did not get any free wine….bummer!  I did get a t-shirt though and it is actually a girl size so there is a possibility of me wearing it. Yay!  Check out my bling! Sunday night post-race is the best.  Happy Sunday everyone.


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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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4 Responses to Winery 10K

  1. Liz says:

    I need you to come and create post-race meals for me!! Congrats on pushing through – running in the cold is very hard!!

  2. Katie Bendell says:

    Way to go Dani!!! You inspire me! Keep these great posts coming:)

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