Which Almond Milk Reigns Supreme?

In Australia it is very difficult to get your hands on healthy food products.  We just don’t have the variety and the grocery stores are way behind.  There is one exception and that is alternative milks.  What I mean is soy, almond, rice, oat milk etc.  There is nearly a whole isle and its a bit overwhelming if you haven’t bought them before.  I love almond milk so I decided to compare three different, similarly priced brands to see which one is best.

So Good Almond Milk : Or should I say NOT So Good.  This almond milk contains cane sugar which nearly all of them do but it is sooo sweet.  I made some vegan overnight oats and could barely eat them because they were sickly.   This also has a few rather suspicious, hard to pronounce ingredients. A 250ml serving has 78 calories. Overall I will not be buying this again…ick!

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk:  This milk is delicious to taste.  Nice and creamy and not too sweet.  It does contain raw sugar but only 7g per serve vs the So Good at 11g per serve.  I made chia pudding with this milk and it was really thick and creamy.  I also tested it in a smoothie which was delish! A 250ml serving has 63 calories.  Overall this is a really nice creamy milk for drinking and adding to coffee, it is a bit more expensive than the others so perhaps not as useful for baking where you need a larger quantity.

Australia’s Own Organic Almond Milk:   This milk has a very nice light taste, not as creamy as the almond breeze and not too sweet.  This milk contains agave rather than cane sugar which some would argue is better and more natural.  This also doesn’t have any other nasty ingredients you can’t pronounce and its organic…win! I used it in a cookie recipe, smoothie and risotto with great results. A 250ml serving has 90 calories. Overall this is a great choice for cooking but may be a bit thin for drinking or adding to coffee.  There are currently three of these in my cupboard and one in the fridge so yes I like it!

AND THE WINNER IS….Actually its a tie.  I would use Australia’s Own for daily use smoothies, oats, baking and cooking etc and Almond Breeze for coffee and everything else when its on sale!



Since we are on the topic I thought I would add in a special guest which is my favourite soy milk. Bonsoy.  Is has a higher calorie content than the almond milk I use at 115 cal per 200g serving.  It is worth the extra becase it is sooo delicious!  Very rich and creamy with a nice smooth taste.  Perfect for coffee.  If you can find some give it a try!



Whatever brand you choose take a good look at the label first as a lot of them contain nasty ingredients and lots of sugar.  Be especially careful with the flavoured ones.  I was fond of a vanilla soy until I read the label…chemical city, ewww.  Happy sipping everyone!


About healthyasahorsevet

I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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