Big Race is Looming

I just got a text the other day with my bib number for the City2Surf this weekend.  Eeeek!  I am pretty apprehensive about this race because its 14km and has a lot of giant hills.  I just haven’t been doing enough long distance runs to get my fitness up so its going to be tough.  My plan was to beat my time from last year but at this stage I am just going to run nice and steady and hopefully get across the line.  This is my last big race before I start to get really busy at work so my goal is to run some 5k races over the next few months to keep me inspired to run but not too much distance as I won’t be training as much.  I started to freak about the hills the other day so I took a drive down the road to a massive hill to do intervals.  This photo makes the road look flat but trust me it’s 1/2 a km of hell!

I ran up and down four times and to my delight the fourth time seemed easiest.  I think hills are a lot about mindset.  Don’t get my wrong they get your heart rate up faster and its a strain on you muscles, especially when you are tired.  However, I think I see a hill in the distance and my brain starts to panic immediately.  My fourth hill interval was easiest because I knew what the hill was like and I knew after this one I was done.  I am going to try and remember that this weekend and know that after I get to the top I’m done.  Its only a stupid hill anyway…get over it! I rewarded my efforts by lounging in the sun on the back deck and doing my stretches.


About healthyasahorsevet

I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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4 Responses to Big Race is Looming

  1. michads says:

    Good luck! I hate doing hill repeats, blech! btw — cute running skirt.

  2. caron tindale says:

    You can do it kiddo! Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Norac

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