A Few Vetty Things

There are a couple of things I have seen over the last week that I wanted to share….warning graphic photos ahead! Perhaps avoid looking at these until after your  breakie.

First is a horse placenta.  This is what a normal healthy placenta looks like, shaped like an F with the umbilical cord in the middle.  The amnion is the white thing at the end of the cord, that is the sac around the foal at birth.  The red piece at the top right is where the foal breaks through the placenta during birth.

This is a placenta with a big piece missing, which requires me to fish it out or the remaining bit causes infection.

This is what happens when a young horse gets caught in a fence and panics.  These are badly damaged hind limbs and yes that is bone you can see.

And here is another horse that met a fence.  The white bit at the back are tendons.  They are the really important “life threatening if damaged” kinda tendons so we are keeping our fingers crossed for this one.

Then we have an x-ray of a fracture in the fetlock.  This is a foal. The break is hard to miss!  That little white dangly bit is not normal.

Then a photo of a super cute foal…Pokey (Gumby’s bendy horse).  

This adorable man was born premature and he has very contacted knees.  He got some casts on today.  More photos to come…he is so cute!


About healthyasahorsevet

I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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3 Responses to A Few Vetty Things

  1. wendy storey says:

    ‘splain ‘CONTACTED’ for those of us who are NOT grossed out , but inner-ested…thanks for sharing …kin you send Pokey..soo cute…Millie would love him (not :))

  2. caron tindale says:

    Wow, What a challenging job! Adorable foal.

  3. Ya Wend I will wrap him up today. Contracted means that the knees are bent and can’t be straightened. So he kinda walks like a crab.

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