Bloody Monday

When I say bloody Monday, in this case I mean literally.  I got to lance this very large haematoma (like a big bruise) on a horses’ chest.  They are caused my a traumatic injury, usually running into a fence or getting kicked.  Clever animals those horses!  I am sharing this because its one of my favourite things to do!

Here is it before….Haematoma

Then I scrubbed it up and made a very small incision….



blood pool


much smaller

So satisfying!  Mondays can be fun after all!


About healthyasahorsevet

I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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One Response to Bloody Monday

  1. wendystorey says:

    BLOOD ENVY!!…like squishing zits…aaaahhh…the satisfaction 🙂

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