Lots of Cheer and a New Year!

Well December is gone!  What?! Its 2013 tomorrow and I can hardly believe how fast my year flew by.  I had to work on Christmas day for the first time ever and it wan’t too bad. I  still managed to eat way too much food and receive some lovely gifts.


christmas lights



Al and I also attended three work parties in December…two in costume!


Alice and The White Rabbit

Alice and The White Rabbit

Christmas with a Splash!

Christmas with a Splash!

It was a pretty great year for me.  I got to travel home to Canada and visit family and friends.  I started a new job that I love.  I ran more races than ever and I even did my first bike race.

I am excited for the year to come and I have a lot of dreams to fulfil.  I have decided that its about time I run a half marathon.  I haven’t signed up so its not official but one of my running buddies has suckered me in and the more I talk about it the more I want to do it.

So time for a new year and a lots of training ahead! Happy New Year Everyone!



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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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2 Responses to Lots of Cheer and a New Year!

  1. caron says:

    Congratulations on your fabulous year! Great looking food and costumes. You are already in 2013
    and it is still 2012 here for ten more hours…….strange. Happy New Year to Dani & Al, with Love.

  2. Glad to see Al carrying on the tradition of the silly glasses, hilarious photo…HNY

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