New Castration Tool

I tried something new!  I had two horses two castrate a few weeks back and I was introduced to the Henderson’s castrator.   I got to watch the demo video and I was a bit skeptical about this thing.

Warning….if you have balls you may find the next explanation disturbing.  You attach the castrator to a drill and spin until the cord detaches and the nut it removed.   It all looks a bit weird and sounds pretty gory so obviously I was excited to try it!!!

When doing a castration the main area of concern is bleeding.  The traditional method using an emasculator, is designed to squish the main bloody supply but you often get a bit of oozing of blood afterwards.

With the Hendersons I had no bleeding at all!  The twisting cuts off the blood supply and detached the cord pretty high up.

Both horses recovered very well with no swelling or complications! Success.  Might just have to try it again.  Here are some pics.

Scrub the area and start by doing a closed method castration

Scrub the area and start by doing a closed method castration



expose the testicle and remove fascia as normal

expose the testicle and remove fascia as normal

Hendersons Castrator

attach the sterilized Hendersons catratior into a normal electric drill

castration 3

Attach the castrator just below the testicle incorporating all the cord tissue and turn on slowly for a few revolutions….then higher speed until the cord tears

castration 4

check the site for bleeding and your done!



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2 Responses to New Castration Tool

  1. i have a wee netbook…which allows me to see most of each photo, but have to scroll down to see caption/explanations….soo, natch, thot you were looking for your change, or at least yer quarter back in the last photo…(ala telephone booth)
    …am guessing yer Ma will NOT be reading, let alone looking at this one 🙂
    .pour moi, INNERESTIN’!!…aaand glad am not a male, for once 🙂

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