Vet Photo Diary 1

I am going to start posting some photo diaries from my daily life as a vet because I see lots of cool things to share and its an easy and fun way to enjoy them and get an understanding of what a horse vet gets up to.

This first diary is very graphic so for you non-vets/people who don’t like blood and guts and such perhaps give it an hour after you eat to view these.  You know just like swimming!

This is me in my element!  I am doing a post mortem examination on a mare that was found dead in a paddock.  Her intestinal tract was very abnormal indicating that she died from colic.Colic Post Mortem

This little devil is one of my biggest fears… Alpaca.  Unfortunately I had the lovely job of going out to see him as none of the other vets were around….ugh!  Terrifying!Alpaca

This is a very large haematoma (like a bruise) on the shoulder of a yearling.haematoma

In case no one has told you….horses kick.  This is my leg.kick

This x-ray of a foals foot shows a big pedal bone fracture (the big vertical black line in the middle).  The pedal bone sits inside the hoof in a horse.pedal bone fracture

This poor mare had a bad reaction to insect bits and came up covered in lumps.  Pretty spectacular!insect reaction

This is Merlin, he is a teaser stallion (a very tiny one).  One of my neighbours had him as a  lawn mower for a couple months and he made himself right at home, coming onto the porch and joining us for pony

This is one of the more remarkable fractures I have seen.  This is a weanling with a femoral fracture.  The round bone on the left is the patella (normal).  Follow the large bone to the top right and boom! Huge black space = massive fracture.femoral fracture

Peaches the goat!Peaches

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her.  She was attacked by wild dogs in the paddock and hurt very badly.  This is her bundled up after the attack.  She died shortly after.poor peaches

Three beautiful baby kittens having a drink.  Just a perk of being around barns….lots of kittens to cuddle!kittens

This weanling was kicked in the face and developed a horrible sore wound….poor baby.kick

I had a bit of an unusual patient one early morning.  This is a huge bull who needed to have a blood sample taken.  Haven’t done one since vet school but I managed and luckily he was a gentleman!bull

This gross worm was plucked out of some horse manure….ewwwwww!  You rarely see them but they are pretty gross when you do!IMG_8425

This mare was found in the paddock with afterbirth visible.  On examination she was having an abortion but had not pushed out the foetus yet.  I found this little cutie in situ.  Obviously it is dead and abortions in mares can be the result of numerous factors, most commonly they are due to infection. (credit to Bodean for these two pics)tiny foal

This is the aborted foetus and placenta.  It always amazes me how well formed they are and so tiny.aborted foal


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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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10 Responses to Vet Photo Diary 1

  1. FASCINATING!..yer Ma will NEVER come back to this blog now :):)
    ..i have way too many questions about most of the photos….nice to see the good, bad and ugly of life…makes you appreciative of how fragile it can be…MOREMOREMORE!!!

    • wait till she visits and sees it in person hahah! Ask away with the questions…I don’t mind!

      • long did it take for the haematoma to get that big??
        ..are ALL alpacas mean, or just this one?
        ..RIP peaches, what a horrible way to go…dogs attack in day time?
        ..if you see 1worm like that, do you have to test all the horses, or give worm meds to all?
        ..are there no S&S for colic, or does it hit that hard and fast?
        ..does the hoof help support the pedal bone #, what is the tx?
        ….aaand there ya go? :)…sorry ol’ bean….

      • -doesn’t take too long, usually a day or so and they can keep getting bigger as they fill with blood
        -I just hate alpacas, some people think they are nice (I don’t like these people)
        -the dogs got her in the night and she was found in a paddock in the morning, poor thing
        -prevention is best for worms and it tends to be a group issue so all the animals get routinely wormed. Sometimes an individual animal can be affected more than others or resistance can develop so the worming products get switched around to try and prevent that.
        -yes the majority of colic can be treated. Unfortunately this was very acute in nature and must have occurred in the middle of the night so the mare was found dead, I suspect even if the mare had been found she would have died because it was a very bad case.
        -yes the pedal bone is secured to the hoof wall by a network of tissue. Some movement occurs as the foot is fully loaded with weight as it hits the ground. Due to the type of # and because it was a foal there was no cast or shoe needed. It will heal with box rest and pain relief.
        Ta Da!

      • whew! now i kin rest tonight….thanks for info…verry innerestin’ xo

  2. Liz says:

    Wendy is right – your mum won’t be visiting again 🙂 I have to confess I was a little thrown with the first photo, but it is all really interesting!! You have the coolest job (and I’ll be saying that again!).

  3. Chris&Caron says:

    Great stuff Dani.
    You are amazing to deal with all that …uh…stuff everyday. I have been pointing out lots of road kill, including an astounding number of banged up Armadillos in OK, to your mom on our travels so she will be quite immune to the sight of animal innards splayed out by the time she gets there.

  4. Dot McEachern says:

    Did you find the cause of death? I do hope so. Having to pack all that back inside must have been a challenge! These a heat photos, if a little graphic at times! they also illustrate what an interesting job you have. Thanks, Dani.

    Lots of love Dot McEachern

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