First Race Of 2013

Well this post has been a long time coming!  I have been a blogging slacker…hey it happens!  Luckily I haven’t been a running slacker which is my usual area of neglect when I get busy.

Shut up and get to the point!

Ok a while back I was training for a 10k for the start of racing season 2013.  Unfortunately an injury got in the way and I was only able to run the 5k race.

I was doing  a 10k training run and at about 7k in I had a sharp shooting pain from my foot up to the top of thigh.  I had to stop and Al had to come and pick me up from the side of the road 😦  I saw my massage therapist and he told me it might be plantar fascitis and not to run….so obviously I totally ignored that advice and kept running anyway….fool!

I did some short runs and lots of stretching and I felt ok for the race.

We had some friends come and join us for the weekend and Bern wanted to do the run, much to my delight, so we ran together!

It was a fun local race but a bit of a drive away so we got up at the crack of dawn, green monter smoothies in hand and hit the road.

Here we are pre-raceQuirindi Fun Run

It was a really hot day and the race didn’t start until 10:30 and the sun was really beating down.  I was grateful we picked the 5k.

We are off!start line

It was a very flat course and looped out of the town, along some lovely country roads.  We came over a hill and could hear the crowd (very small one) in the distance and finished strong.  I’m glad Bern was there to hurry me up at the end because I was hot and not really in the mood to sprint!  But I did anyway!

And across the line!finish line

We finished in a time of 24:33 (unofficial as there were no timing chips)

Group finish shot with my vetty friends April and Candice joining us.runners

wooo badass fun runners!fun runners

Best part about this race…I got to run with a friend for the first time ever and it was great!  Worst bit…no medals, waaaaaa.  Its only a small town fun run after all.  Still a good day and still on the list for next year! Special thanks to our cheering section, Bern’s husband Steve, Al and Salty.


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I am a horse vet writing about life, food and my quest for health.
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5 Responses to First Race Of 2013

  1. dotmc47 says:

    Well Done Dani! Watch that fasciitis! Love Dot 🙂 Dot McEachern

  2. ps…IF, perchance, you DO get plantar fascitis (ie. you’d know with being hobbled getting out of bed, or heel pain walking after sitting ++)…use BIRKENSTOCK blue footbeds
    ..i got physio beds made for me for ++$$$$…and pain went immediately with BIRKS($40)
    ….just a wee tip 🙂

    • thank you! Apparently it was a pulled muscle in my calf but I have my doubts. Think I might try the inserts!

      • inserts are hard as a rock..not for running…also, don’t walk barefoot…sumthin like a birk sandal or wee 1/2 heel, even a slipper…exercise by gripping towel with toes and hang off step with toes doing ‘chin lifts’ with heels (if that makes sense)…..but, you’ll know for sure , if you get outa bed ta pee, and you hobble with heel pain
        …i know i know….too much info…THAT’S MY 2ND NAME!!! (hmm, actually last name , i s’ppose)

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