The Color Run!!!!!

I have wanted to do a color run for so so long!   If you have never heard of it, the race is a fun 5k that you start by wearing white and then run through  a different colour of chalk paint at each km!  I should mention that it originated in the US, hence the color vs the correct spelling colour (I know you were worried for a sec there!).  

The race had tons of entries and was very well organized.  I picked up my race pack the afternoon before.  I got a white t-shirt and headband, my number and tattoos and stickers and….. a rain poncho?(ya not quite sure about that one).Color Run Pack

Here I am pre-race, all fresh and clean!  And all the other runners at the start linePre Race

start line

One of the stations, each one is lined with volunteers ready to spray you with colour!Color Station

Post-run.  I wasn’t that colourful yet.  I also won a wristlet that fit my iphone in it!post race


The best part of the whole thing is the post-race dance party.  They hand out packets of coloured powder and everyone throws them in the air and then you really get coated!!

dance partypost dance party IMG_8932

shoes t shirt

It was a fun day but not a race really.  If I did it again I would go with a big group and take lots of pics and walk.  I did run, but very slowly!  It was so hard to dodge most of the people walking and 3km of the 5km route was on a turf racecourse with really deep grass and it was impossible to go fast.  It was like running on a giant sponge!  My final time was 27:46.  If you are looking for a fun day out this is the race for you!  The photo ops were endless.

The progression of colourcolor run


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3 Responses to The Color Run!!!!!

  1. caron says:

    I arrived in Australia for the first time on Colour Race Day! Beyond the joy of seeing Danielle and Al, it was great to walk about town and see all the runners strolling or sitting in cafes covered with crazy coloured chalk designs. What a fun concept. Glad I got to share in the post race spectacle. Cheers, Mom

  2. wendifer says:

    ahhhh, BUT! did they Americans ‘get it’ from India’s HINDU HOLI festival, where (you guessed it) coloured chalk and water is thrown at everyone …colours represent ENERGY, JOY and LIFE
    …hhmmm, not like Americans to ‘think’ they started something :)..naw, they wouldn’t do that
    …looks like a blast tho’…as long as you didn’t get a mouthful :):)

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