I love food!  Its funny really because I never used to be able to say that…out loud anyway. When I was young I used to think that admitting to liking food meant that people would look at me and think “uh ya we can see that you like food…perhaps a bit too much”.  I thought that saying I was hungry or loving food made me look fat.  Even typing this now I see how ridiculous that is! Luckily I never developed an eating disorder but I have attempted many silly eating habits over the years to try and be thin.

Now I just want to eat whole food without chemicals and added sugar and other unknowns in it.  I love sweets and I eat them on a daily basis but if I want a cookie I usually make a batch myself.  I really believe homemade food is best because you have control over what goes in it.

I have not yet mentioned that I absolutely love to cook.  I know not everyone shares my cooking passion but even those of you out there with basic cooking skills can cook from home and enjoy delicious healthy food everyday.  I will be sharing some of my favourite things to eat in my blog!

Here is a cake I made that combines two of my great loves….cooking and surgery! 


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