Ah yes running…I run.  I’m not a runner.  What I mean is I have always wanted to be a runner.  I remember doing track and field when I was a kid at school.   I remember the cold crisp air in the autumn as we ran as a group through crunchy colourful leaves.  I remember stretching afterwards and feeling strong!  As I got older running turned into a way to be thin.  I wanted so badly to be thin and have beautiful long runners legs….I wanted people to look at me and think, wow she is a runner.

After years of starting and stopping running and lots of injuries….oh and those persistent large legs I still own….I gave up running.  I started biking and doing yoga.  A little more than I year ago I got that running urge back again.  I had always done short distances and was never consistent with training.  So I decided on a whim to sign up for a race.  Not just any race, the legendary Sydney, City2Surf 2011.  It is a 14km race with about 75,000 people (seriously) and a famous heartbreak hill.  As soon as I signed up I thought what the hell am I doing!  14km!!!  Why can’t I just do a nice 5K like a normal person.  After I talked myself off the ledge I started training (6 months early just in case I was sooo bad at running it took that long) and doing ok.  The day I ran 7km straight I jumped up and down in the street like a little kid, I was so excited!  After the race….yes I lived…I was hooked.  I still don’t consider myself a runner but I do loooove a race medal so bring them on!  I will include some of my training and race recaps in my blogs.

This is me (left) and my beautiful friend Katie after finishing the WIN 10K, 2012



4 Responses to Running

  1. Katie Bendell says:

    Yes! This was such a great run!! Amazing blog my amazing friend:)

  2. Sammie says:

    You’re nuts! You are thin with lovely long runners legs!! You do look like a runner, and you are a runner! Definition of “Runner” from Merriam-Webster Dictionary “one that runs”.

  3. Thank you Sammie very much appreciated! I just keep telling myself I am….so I am!

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