Vet Life

In case you didn’t know yet…I’m a vet! A horse vet to be exact.  I wanted to include a bit about my life as a vet on this blog as I realize a lot of people I have spoken to don’t really understand the glamourous life a vet leads.  Its all champagne, fast cars and photoshoots…you know the good life.  In fact its more like urine, mud-coated cars and x-rays but hey it works for me!

I have a special interest in horses and specifically surgery.  Don’t worry I won’t be using any big vet words on this blog and I will warn you if there are any graphic photos.  I sometimes forget other people don’t share my passion for  blood and pus.  I like to freak my Mum out a lot with my detailed stories….now I get to do it on here!

The stories I share will not include the names of animals or specific details of the case.  If you have questions about them or about your own horses feel free to ask me but I will likely refer you to the services of your own vet.





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