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Taste the Smoothie Rainbow

Smoothies are one of my favourite things.  They are an incredible way to pack in some essential nutrients, protein, fruits and veggies without you even knowing about it.  Hate leafy greens?  Don’t know what to do with chia?  Need a … Continue reading

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“Lazy” Sunday

This weekend I felt like I had a really relaxing and lazy sunday.  On monday I realized how much I had packed into one day……don’t you just love the weekend?!  Nothing feels like work. So here is what I did… … Continue reading

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Valentines Day

Its Valentines Day!!! I have always loved this day.  When I was little my Mum used to make a Valentines breakfast and usually decorate the table with sweets and toys.  I suppose she is to blame for my high standards … Continue reading

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Mango Madness

Hello my name is Dani and I’m addicted to mangoes…. Its mango season in Australia! Woo Hoo!  Mangoes are my most favourite fruit, they are so sweet and silky and versatile in a lot of recipes. Since I love them … Continue reading

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Use Your Noodle!

I have been seeing a lot of recipes for veggie noodles recently.  I love noodles and so getting extra veggies in noodle form makes me pretty excited!  A lot of the recipes use a gadget called a spiralizer that is … Continue reading

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My Garden Project

  Its a long weekend where I am so I’m planning on being productive and finishing up some projects I have on the go.  I finally got some seeds planted for my garden!  Yahoo!  I was a planting machine a … Continue reading

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Cannelloni…my first attempt.

I always loved going to my Grandparents for dinner as a kid and finding out that cannelloni was on the menu!  Something about that delicious ricotta and pasta was soooo good! I was shopping last week and found a massive … Continue reading

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